Crews remove massive tumbleweed pile that trapped cars in Washington

Credit: Trooper C. Thorson

Credit: Trooper C. Thorson

Several travelers in eastern Washington rang in the new year trapped by a massive pileup of tumbleweeds that shut down a highway for hours.

Trooper C. Thorson of the Washington State Patrol responded to the bizarre scene and posted photos and a video on his Twitter account. Thorson said the tumbleweeds were piled 20 to 30 feet high in some places.

Washington Department of Transportation workers used a snow plow to clear the roadway, while DOT workers removed the tumbleweeds that had buried a car, The Oregonian reported.

The roadway was closed for 10 hours in both directions before reopening around 4:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to Thorson.

No injuries were reported.

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