Cups of coffee could help you live longer, or at least it doesn’t hurt, scientists find

Good news if you can’t live without your cup, or cups, of coffee: Scientists have found that those who drink the most coffee could live longer than those who don’t.

Two studies followed almost three quarters of a million people for 16 years.

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While it may not fully extend life, the researchers said their studies can put those who drink a lot of coffee at ease, because they say the studies show it doesn’t hurt for some.

Experts found that coffee lessened the risk of death from digestive disease for both men and women. For women it also decreased death from circulatory and cerebrovascular disease, Reuters reported.

Scientists also issued a warning: Coffee increased ovarian cancer deaths, according to the study.

While the results of the study were hopeful, the scientists say more research is needed to find out exactly what part of coffee is affecting health, Reuters reported.

The studies were funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers and the International Agency for Research of Cancer.

To read the complete study and the findings, click here.

Credit: Daniel Berehulak

Credit: Daniel Berehulak

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