Deer photobombs romantic beach proposal

Credit: Alexas_Fotos

Credit: Alexas_Fotos

Could you be a deer and move out of the way?

A romantic proposal got a little wild after a deer crashed the mood last week.

Colbie Wakeley and Jakob Lee were in the middle of the big moment when the deer sauntered up to the couple at Saugatuck Dunes state park in West Michigan, Michigan Live reported.

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The deer, which is no stranger to those visiting the lakeshore, sniffed at the candles and allowed the couple to pet him and get a few photos with him.

"Something so rare. It's not like a domesticated deer. It's randomly showing up at our proposal and he came up and we started petting him again and he was just hanging out," Jakob Lee told WXMI.

Lee said he would like to have the deer be the ring bearer at the wedding, but it probably won't happen.

The state's Department of Natural Resources actually tells people to not interact with the curious critter. Officials with the government agency said that they may have to tranquilize and move the deer, WXMI reported earlier this month.

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