Dramatic video shows moment officer was dragged onto freeway during traffic stop

New video shows the moment an officer was dragged onto I-285 during a traffic stop in DeKalb County, Georgia, on Thursday.

Officers pulled over Derric Simpson, 35, around 11:30 a.m. Thursday. They said Simpson was violating the hands-free law.

During the traffic stop, officers said Simpson put the car into drive. Office Nathan Daley, who was at the driver's side window of the car, reached in to try to stop Simpson from driving away. As he did, Simpson took off, with Daley hanging partially out of the car.

The dramatic video shows Simpson driving onto I-285 as he attempts to sideswipe several cars to get Daley off his vehicle.

As he gets onto I-285 west, Simpson hits a white Ford van, knocking Daley to the ground, the video shows. Daley is flung off into traffic as other officers continue to chase down Simpson, according to the video. Moments later, officers said, Simpson was involved in a multicar crash. He then jumped out of his car and ran, according to officers, who said they chased after him and took him into custody moments later.

Daley was injured but has been treated and released from the hospital and is now recovering at home.

Simpson has been charged with aggravated assault on a police officer, aggravated battery and trafficking ecstasy along with several other charges.

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