Driver pulls away from gas pump before fill-up finishes, sparking fire

There is a process for doing some things -- like getting gas. The signs usually say something like, turn off car, no cellphone calls, but maybe now they need to add, make sure gas nozzle has been returned on pump and refueling has stopped before driving away.

A driver in New Jersey for whatever reason didn’t follow the standard steps and ended up starting a fire at the gas pump.

Surveillance video of the incident released by the City of Hackensack Fire Department via Facebook, shows what happens when the driver pulled away without first finishing filling up the car and removing the nozzle from his or her car, Wednesday afternoon.

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As the person drove away, the hose connected to the pump, pulled the pump over and sparked a fire.

Luckily the station attendant was able to grab a fire extinguisher and put out the flames after an emergency shut-off switch was hit, firefighters said in the post.

No one was hurt and police are investigating, the Fire Department said.

According to Fortune, New Jersey does not permit drivers to pump their own gas thanks to a law that has been on the books since 1949.

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