Family of 5 that lived in car celebrates oldest son going to college

The oldest son in a family of five that once lived in a car is now heading to college.

Calvin Rhodes' mother said her family has come a long way from being homeless, thanks to a traffic stop two and a half years ago as well as concern from Atlanta police.

In 2016, Atlanta police arrested Ebony Rhodes during a traffic stop due to a problem with her license. The single mom and her kids had been homeless for six months, even though she was working.

Ebony said the family is doing really well now, thanks to the ongoing concern of an Atlanta deputy police chief.

Calvin Rhodes said that the family has been through a lot and that during that time, he never gave up and just kept his head up.

Now, the 18-year-old is preparing to go to Georgia State. He graduated with honors from his high school in South Fulton County.

He also won an “Against The Odds” award. Atlanta police Deputy Chief Jeff Glazier said it was terrible to learn that the kids were even having to do homework in the car they lived in, so he felt he had to do something.

Glazier got them into a shelter after the arrest and then into an apartment in southwest Atlanta. Ebony was working full time when she became homeless with her family. Glazier set up a GoFundMe page for the family and it is still open.

In the two and half years it has existed, the family has faced some new challenges.

Ebony became sick for a while and one of her sons was burned. Ebony said the GoFundMe has helped the family face those challenges without losing their apartment.

Ebony continues to work full time, as does Calvin. Next month, he begins college at Georgia State, where he wants to study engineering.

He and the rest of the family said they are blessed by Atlanta police and all the strangers who have helped.

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