Firefighters throw 6-year-old birthday party after fire destroys his home

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Buffalo Firefighters Throw 6-Year-Old Birthday Party After Fire Destroys His Home

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A little boy was supposed to be celebrating turning 6 but instead had to watch as his home went up in flames hours before his birthday party.

But firefighters from Buffalo Fire Department's Engine 33 made sure Erick Hill had a glimmer of hope days after he and his family lost everything, including the child's birthday presents.

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"I come back from Party City to the house up in flames," Jamia Jones told WGRZ.

That was on Thursday.

By Sunday, firefighters threw the boy a party.

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"We decided to get together, throw him a birthday party, shower him with a lot of gifts, invite his family here and show him that there is a second family out there that he can rely on," Buffalo Fire Commissioner William Renaldo told WGRZ.

And did the firefighters deliver!

According to a Facebook post from Buffalo Professional Fighterfighers Local 282, Bryan Matteson from Ladder 6, 4th Platoon made Erick a toy box.

They also got Erick a cake and invited a few superheroes to stop by the celebration.

Erick was also named an honorary member of Engine 33 and can stop by the fire station any time he wants, WGRZ reported.