Florida man breaks into construction site, climbs 250 feet to sleep in crane, police say

Florida man was arrested Thursday morning after police said he broke into a construction site then crawled 250 feet to the top of a crane and spent the night there.

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The Orlando Police Department said Jason Garret, 42, broke into the Camden Lake Eola Apartments construction site.

It is not known how Garret was able to get into the construction site, but he used a ladder to climb 250 feet in the air.

It's the same treacherous trek a highly skilled construction worker took Thursday morning.

"My crane operator went up in the tower crane this morning and found the guy passed out on the crane platform at the top," a worker said in a 911 call.

The crane operator helped the man get inside the cab of the crane and construction workers called 911.

"I don't want to talk him into climbing down and something happen," a worker said in a 911 call.

Orlando police officers and firefighters rushed in.

"This is a fairly complex call. It all depends on what's happening at the top," said Felix Benitez, of Orlando Fire Rescue.

The man was calm and cooperating, but it was still a risky rescue for the team of more than 10 trained firefighters, he said.

"There's no harnesses that are available for the personnel that go up there, so they are worrying on what they can build as they climb up on the crane," Benitez said.

The entire rescue took about 30 minutes.

Police said Garret had drugs on him.

Garret was arrested and charged with trespassing and meth possession.

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