Florida woman sent to hospital after pet iguana attacks her

A woman in Cape Coral went to the hospital after her pet iguana attacked her on the face.

Amanda Gray told WBBH that she raised her female pet iguana, Igmo, since it hatched two years ago. She said she even let Igmo sleep in her bra "like a baby."

Now Igmo has grown from a hatch-ling into a 4-foot aggressive reptile that attacked Gray while she was trying to feed her.

“She came at me like a spider monkey and just attacked my face,” Gray said to WBBH. “She can sense my weakness and instability so she’s challenging me for alpha.”

Igmo’s nails made deep cuts into Gray’s face, requiring stitches. Gray told WBBH that she found Igmo a new owner who has more experience with exotic reptiles.

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