20-foot reticulated python at Florida zoo slithers toward world record

Credit: Hanna M./Pixabay

Credit: Hanna M./Pixabay

This long, long snake is appropriately named: Ginormica.

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At slightly more than 20 feet long and weighing 200 pounds, the reticulated female python is the marquee attraction at Emerald Coast Zoo in Crestview, Florida, the Northwest Florida Daily News reported.

"She's probably the longest snake in Florida," Emerald Coast Zoo co-owner Rick de Ridder told the newspaper.

With a steady diet of thawed out goats and pigs, de Ridder believes that in a few years, Ginormica could challenge the world record for the longest snake in captivity, the Daily News reported. That mark belongs to Medusa, a reticulated python that measured 25 feet, 2 inches in 2011, according to the Guinness World Records site. Medusa was owned by Full Moon Productions Inc. in Kansas City, Missouri, Guinness said on its website.

Ginormica is only 6 years old, and her species typically lives 75 years, de Ridder said. The snake's species is native to Southeast Asia, he told the Daily News.

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