Have $75 in lunch debt at school? No prom, activities or yearbook for you

A school district in New Jersey has a problem and they're trying to make sure that those who are in debt to the cafeteria will pay their tab.

The Cherry Hill Public School Board recently passed a new rule -- students who are $75 in the hole in the cafeteria can't go to the prom, participate in extracurricular activities or buy a yearbook, WPVI reported.

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Overall, the district had about $15,000 in lunch debt by the end of last school year, the Inquirer reported. The district's operating budget is over $200 million, WPVI reported.

Lunch costs $3 for elementary and middle school meals, and $3.10 for meals at the high schools, the Inquirer reported.

Students can still get a meal when they're $10 in the red. When it hits $25, then parents are contacted, the Inquirer reported.

If the debt hits $75, a meeting will be held and students can't participate in extracurricular activities except for athletics, WPVI and the Inquirer reported.

Students are not happy with the change, saying they should not be punished if their parents haven't paid the tab, WPVI reported.

A business owner asked the district to allow him and a few other donors to help pay the outstanding debt, but the district officials declined, saying that getting rid of the debt does nothing to the people who chose not to pay but have the money to do so, the Inquirer reported.

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