High school does away with homecoming king, queen, calls winners royalty

An Ohio high school is bucking tradition and is doing away with the traditional homecoming king and queen.

Instead, Milford High School will call the top two winners of the annual homecoming contest homecoming royalty, The Associated Press reported.

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This year, it was two girls who were elected the school's homecoming royals.

Abbey Stropes and Trinity Miller received scepters instead of crowns during the football game on Friday night.

School officials said they made the change so every student can feel included, the AP reported.

Not all are happy with the change, however.

In the school's explanation of the new look for homecoming, one parent of a male student on the homecoming court claimed the administration made the decision and didn't communicate it before the announcement at the football game. Others fired back on the Facebook post saying that the students knew when they voted.

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