Hurricane Dorian: Scammer for fake Bahamas relief fund poses as Tampa TV meteorologist

Credit: NOAA via Getty Images

Credit: NOAA via Getty Images

Scammers posing as a Florida television meteorologist asked for donations on social media to fund a fake Bahamas hurricane relief site, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

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Denis Phillips, the chief meteorologist for WFTS in Tampa, posted on Facebook that scammers created fraudulent posts to get people to send money for Bahamas relief in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, which pummeled the islands as a Category 5 storm.

"I can't believe I have to write this, it's so disheartening," Phillips wrote on Facebook. "Someone has created fake posts, looking like me, and is asking people for money for a fraudulent Bahamas Hurricane Relief Site."

Phillips warned readers about the scam in a Monday night post, telling them not to send money to any links provided by the bogus profile.

Phillips linked to a WFTS story about trusted sites and organizations, where people can donate to help hurricane victims.

Phillips, a longtime meteorologist in the Tampa Bay area, is known for his "hurricane rules," the Times reported.

His most memorable adage, the newspaper reported, is rule No. 7, where he tells viewers to “Stop freaking out ... until I tell you to. We’re fine.”

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