Just in time for Halloween: Thousands of male tarantulas looking for mates emerge

If hairy spiders looking for love is your dream Halloween experience, then head to San Francisco.

It is the tarantula mating season and experts told KPIX that it only happens one time a year.

The terrifying tarantulas normally only roam at night, but during this time of year, they're out looking for a female any time of the day.

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The warm weather blanketing the Bay Area may have them crossing roads and going through fields looking for the perfect spider girls, KPIX reported.

The spider boys will even fight each other to get the attention of the females.

While the large, nightmarish creatures may look terrifying, Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Director Al Wolf said they're docile and don't usually bite people.

Wolf actually told KPIX they're "the nicest spider."

But if they're so nice, what happens after mating isn't.

The female may kill the male when she's done with him, The Wall Street Journal reported.

But despite the potential sad ending, at least for the male spiders, some communities that are in the spider hot zone are banking on tourists who want to be creeped out during Halloween.

Coarsegold, California, hosts a yearly Tarantula Festival on Oct. 26, which includes a "Scream-off Contest" and a tarantula derby, among other events, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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