Kentucky man skinned neighbors’ dogs for ‘doggy coat,’ police say

A Kentucky man killed and skinned his neighbors’ dogs to make a coat from their hides, investigators said.

Kentucky State Police said Jonathan D. Watkins wanted a "doggy coat" and killed his neighbors' dogs, skinned them and left them hanging off his porch banister Dec. 23, the Floyd County Chronicle reported.

Earlier in the day, Watkins, 38, went to one neighbor's door covered in blood and asked for a cigarette, the Chronicle reported.

Investigators said when the neighbor asked Watkins what he had been doing he replied: “I’ve been skinning dogs.”

The neighbor walked by Watkins' house later that day and saw four animal skins on the front porch. Two neighbors had reported that they were missing two dogs, the Chronicle reported.

Investigators said Watkins had a large, sheathed hunting knife that was covered in blood attached to his belt.

Watkins was arrested and charged with four counts of torture of a dog with serious physical injury or death, and two counts of tampering with physical evidence, the Chronicle reported.

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