Kids seen driving off-road vehicles on Chicago highway

Credit: real-napster/Pixabay

Credit: real-napster/Pixabay

A man driving on a Chicago highway said he was stunned to see children driving off-road vehicles beside him, so he recorded video.

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Omar Orozco told local media he was driving home early Friday on the Dan Ryan Expressway when he saw the kids, who looked to be about 10 years old, driving Polaris off-roading vehicles. Two children were in one vehicle and one child was in another.

"I was just driving back home and I saw the two go-karts, and I thought this wasn't normal," Orozco told The Chicago Sun-Times. "So I sped up to see what was going on because there were cars swerving to avoid hitting them … People were almost crashing into them."

Orozco pulled out his phone and recorded the kids. He asked the kids where they were going, and they responded that they were going home, Orozco said.

Orozco’s video of the children circulated on social media over the weekend.

Illinois State Police Sgt. Jacqueline Cepeda told WGN-TV the Chicago district received one call of someone driving a golf cart on the highway. Troopers responded to the location, but the vehicle was gone by the time police got there.

There weren’t any reported crashes or injuries related to the incident.

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