KISS fan points Ace Frehley in right direction after guitarist gets lost in upstate New York

Credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Thanks to a longtime KISS fan, Ace Frehley was back in the New York groove Sunday night.

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Tim Lord was playing Pokemon Go, walking the streets of Cortland, New York, when a black Cadillac SUV stopped next to him, the Syracuse Post-Standard reported.

The driver asked Lord, 55, if he was in Cortland or Homer, the newspaper reported.

Told it was Cortland, the driver was not happy, Lord said.

"The guy says, 'We were supposed to be in Homer an hour and a half ago," Lord told the Cortland Standard.

The SUV did a U-turn and pulled alongside Lord. When the passenger rolled down the window, Lord realized it was Frehley, the newspaper reported.

The guitarist wanted directions to the Homer Center for the Arts, but Lord said he was too starstruck to make sense.

"I about fainted," Lord told the Post-Standard.

Frehley told Lord to hop in the SUV and lead the way, the newspaper reported.

Frehley's show was supposed to start at 8 p.m., but it was already 9:54, the Cortland Standard reported. Lord's directions did the trick.

"We made it to the venue in less than three minutes," Lord told the newspaper. “I kid you not.”

Lord called the driver "a complete idiot, I'm sorry to say," and drove over a traffic island and nearly hit a traffic sign, the Cortland Standard reported.

Lord declined Frehley's offer of backstage passes and a chance to come on stage to get a "thank you" from Frehley. Lord said he had to get home and put his granddaughter to bed, the Post-Standard reported.

Lord said his wife chastised him for missing the chance to rock 'n' roll all night.

"My wife said, 'You idiot, you should have texted me and done the show. I would have understood,'" Lord told the Courtland Standard. "I could have listened to the concert. I could have gone backstage and everything. But I turned him down. It's not every day you get picked up by a rock and roll legend."

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