Lacoste temporarily replaces crocodile logo with endangered species

Fashion brand Lacoste’s iconic crocodile was replaced with rare reptiles, birds and mammals for a limited run of shirts to raise awareness of endangered species.

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During Paris Fashion Week, the French clothier teamed up with the International Union for Conservation of Nature for the “Save Our Species” collection. The line of 1,775 shirts was made up of Lacoste’s signature polos, each with one of 10 endangered animals taking the place of the brand’s crocodile.

The shirts have since sold out, CNN reported.

The polos featured the Gulf of California porpoise, the Burmese roofed turtle, the northern sportive lemur, the Javan rhino, the Cao-vit Gibbon, the kakapo, the California condor, the Saola, the Sumatran Tiger and the Anegada ground iguana in place of Lacoste’s crocodile.

The number of polos made with each endangered species on it corresponds to the number of animals still living in the wild, according to Lacoste. The Gulf of California porpoise, considered the most endangered marine mammal species still on Earth, was on 30 of the shirts. The Anegada ground iguana got the most polos, with a run of 450 shirts.

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