Louisville woman turns 80, celebrates by visiting firehouse that helped name her

All a Kentucky woman wanted for her 80th birthday was a trip to the fire station where firefighters, by a show of hands, picked out her name.

Shirley Ann Ashton visited Louisville's Ashland Avenue fire station, where her father worked when she was born in 1939, WLKY reported.

Ashton toured the old and new firehouses, joking with and hugging the firefighters.

"Do I get to see all of it?" she asked. "I don't wanna go down the pole. I did that once,"

Ashton told WLKY her father called the fire station the day she was born and asked for name suggestions.

The fire captain held a meeting among his staff, Ashton told the television station

"'Who's for Shirley Ann?' and every man, of course, (raised their hand), so that's how I got named Shirley Ann," Ashton told WLKY.

The current leader at the firehouse, Louisville Fire Maj. Bobby Cooper, shared her father's personnel file as an extra gift, the television station reported.

"I just wanted to see what he did," Ashton told WLKY.