Man caught on camera stealing Marine Corps flag

A Texas man was caught on camera stealing a veteran’s U.S. Marine Corps flag from his front yard.

Joe Maldonado, who served as a Marine, watched footage of a man taking the flag around 2:30 a.m. when he awoke Wednesday morning, KXAN reported.

"I immediately thought, 'thank God my wife made me take those alerts off,' because I was not very happy at the moment," Maldonado told KXAN.

Neighbors said the suspect was seen in the area a few times recently, KXAN reported.

Maldonado did not file a police report.

"The flag has sentimental (value) for me but it's not important," he told KXAN. "I can always get another flag, and if someone really wanted something like that I wouldn't have a problem giving it to them, but when you come and steal it, you know, it's just not right."

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