Man claims he found hook inside Kroger-brand canned fish

A Gwinnett County man says he got quite the shock when he opened some canned fish that he planned to feed to his dog.

Keith Hearn said he felt "just shock and awe" when he opened the Kroger-brand can and found a fishhook still stuck in the meat.

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In addition to finding the hook, Hearn said there was also part of a fishing line.

“Upon further investigation, I got a little prick, and it was a fishhook in there,” Hearn said.

Hearn gave WSB-TV's Justin Wilfon pictures that he said he took right after he opened the can. They show the fishing line somehow fused to the lid of the can and still attached to the hook.

Hearn told WSB-TV that he buys cans of mackerel for his dog and that he spotted the fishing hook before feeding the animal. He said he bought the fish from the store on Scenic Highway in Snellville and that he called the store right after opening the can several weeks ago.

“I would like them to at least own up to it. Somebody blew the mission, and let the public know. Maybe recall some products,” Hearn said. “Can you imagine an animal with a fishhook stuck in their jaw, stuck in their mouth, and in pain?”

He said the store refunded his money.

In a statement obtained by WSB-TV, a representative for Kroger said, "The safety and welfare of our customers is our top priority. We take incidents such as this very seriously. As this matter is under review, we cannot provide further comment."

Hearn told WSB-TV he just hopes the company makes sure its fish don't come with any accessories.

“They’ve taken it so lightly, as if it was commonplace," Hearn said. "That was disturbing to me.”

The Cox Media Group National Content Desk contributed to this report.