Man, dogs attacked by coyote

Quintin Huseman said he was running near Lookout Park and Shoreline Parkway in Tega Cay on Saturday morning with his two dogs, Gracie and Lilly, when they were attacked by a coyote.

Lilly’s bite wasn’t too bad and Gracie scared the coyote away.

"It happened really quick. The coyote snuck up on her," Huseman said. "By the time I turned, it was already coming towards me, and all I could think is, it was rabid."
Huseman said he called police to report the incident.
"The concern I have is the two dogs are 90 pounds each, the coyote is probably three-quarters of the size of one of the dogs," Huseman said.

Huseman said officers told him they couldn't do much.
"They came over right away, but said we can't do anything because unfortunately, the city made the decision to pull out the traps," he said. "They said the DNR's hands are tied until the city decides they'll have traps again."
But now, Huseman is concerned about the children in his neighborhood.
He said this isn't the first time there's been an aggressive coyote encounter.

Huseman showed Channel 9 reporter Stephanie Tinoco a social media post by a neighbor who said three coyotes charged at her and her dog less than a week ago.

He said he wants to meet with the mayor to address the community's concerns.

"It's unfortunate for the animals, but you can't have coyotes attacking people,” Huseman said.

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