Man dragging lifelike doll through Kansas City causes alarm

Emergency dispatchers in Kansas City, Missouri, received an influx of calls Tuesday morning when people saw a man dragging a lifelike, full-sized doll through the streets.

Police began receiving calls around 11:20 a.m. Tuesday of people reporting a man "carrying around a topless, unconscious woman on the west side of downtown," Kansas City police said in a statement.

Among the different reports, callers said the man looked like he wanted to throw the woman over a bridge, dropped the woman on a sidewalk and dragged her head over a curb, slung her over his shoulder and appeared to be trying to dress her, police said. One caller said the man was yelling"Savior!"

Officers responded, and found that the "woman" descibed in the call was actually a "life-size female doll the man said he found in the dumpster of a restaurant," according to the statement. Police told the man to not carry the doll in public anymore.

A traffic camera captured some pictures of the man and the doll.

The Police Department tweeted pictures of the incident, saying, "And here is today's episode of 'Not What We Expected Going Into That.'"

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