Man finds message in a bottle in Florida 24 years after it was tossed into Lake Michigan

Imagine the 24-year journey a message in a bottle had after it was tossed into Lake Michigan.

Gary Hendrickson found the bottle and the enclosed message on the Florida Gulf Coast on Memorial Day weekend, WPBN reported.

When Hendrickson opened the bottle, after getting a whiff of alcohol, he read the note that he said read, "Hello, June 16, 1995, Frankfort Michigan, I've tossed this bottle into the water to bring joy to anyone who finds it, this whiskey bottle was full a few short hours earlier, if you find this call me, and I'll buy you a drink," WPBN reported.

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Hendrickson took a chance and texted the enclosed number, and the man who threw the bottle into the lake answered.

So the big question is how did the bottle make it from Lake Michigan all the way to the Florida Gulf Coast? The men think it traveled the country by going down the Mississippi River, WPBN reported.

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