Man threatens another with sword over discarded dump cart

As the saying goes, don't bring a knife to a gunfight. But can you bring a sword to a garbage fight?

In Broward County, the answer is apparently yes.

The county sheriff is looking for information leading to a man who threatened another man with a sword over a dump cart that had been discarded for trash.

The incident happened last month, but the Broward County Sheriff's Office released it this week.

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It all started when a man went for a jog in his neighborhood and noticed the plastic dump cart. At the same time, a man in a pickup truck had already started digging through the items.

The jogger wanted the cart, but the other man was angry because he was there first, deputies said.

They argued, the jogger got the cart and pushed it home.

But the fight didn't end at the trash pile.

The driver of the pickup followed the jogger home and got out of the vehicle with what looked like a stick, but instead was a sheathed sword, deputies said in a release.

The two wrestled over the cart until the jogger told the man the incident was being recorded. The man left but threatened to come back.

The jogger left the cart in the yard, and a short time later a woman, who deputies believe knows the man with the sword, came to the property and took the cart as she yelled at the jogger, deputies said.

Deputies are now looking for both the man with the sword and the woman who took the cart.

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