Merry Christmas: MLB star Josh Donaldson buys mother Maserati after she quits smoking

Josh Donaldson completed a deal this week -- but not with a major league baseball team.

The free-agent third baseman made good on a promise to his mother, Lisa French, buying her a Maserati. French promised to quit smoking, and after two years off cigarettes, she received an early Christmas present, reported.

Donaldson, who played for the Atlanta Braves in 2019 and was named the National League’s Comeback Player of the Year after hitting 37 home runs and driving in 94 runs, posted a video on Instagram, capturing his mother’s reaction.

It’s priceless.

“So my mom made a deal with me if she quit smoking that I would buy her a Maserati," Donaldson wrote on Instagram. "Two years of not smoking and here is her early Christmas present from (his wife) Briana and I. Trust me, you are going to want to watch this.”

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