Missing dog, held for ransom, found shot to death

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Missing Dog Found Shot To Death After Being Held For Ransom

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A dog that went missing 10 weeks ago, and possibly held for ransom, was found shot dead and left on an island, according to reports.

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"We just kept thinking it can't get any worse, it can't get worse, but then, it did," owner Jason Davis told KARE.

Lou, a yellow Labrador retriever, went missing in December, according to KMSP. Shortly after, owners Jason and Shanna Davis started getting harassing phone calls from a man who claimed to have the dog and wanted $1,200 for him.

After agreeing to the man’s demands and dropping off the money four weeks ago, the Davises never got Lou back.

On Thursday, the Davises received from an ice fisherman who found Lou.

Lou had been shot twice and placed on the island, Davis said.

"I don't feel safe in this community until he's caught," Davis told KMSP. "If he can do it to a dog, he can do it to a human."

Davis has hired an independent bounty hunter with the U.S. Fugitive and Recover and Extradition to track down the man who called, according to KARE.

"We've not ended the case on the guy who extorted money from us, that case is still ongoing," Davis told KMSP. "He will be caught. We believe we have enough evidence here very soon to wrap this up and get that guy."

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