Moose wanders into Anchorage hospital, seemingly drawn in by lobby plants

A wayward moose took hospital employees by surprise in Anchorage, Alaska, when it wandered into the building through an automatic door, seemingly drawn in by the warm temperature and tropical plants in the lobby’s atrium.

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Stephanie Hupton, who works at a physical therapy office attached to Alaska Regional Hospital, quickly recorded the scene, according The Anchorage Daily News.

The video shows the huge animal poking around the greenery in the lobby near an entrance and even gazing at the camera, before moseying out the same way it came in.

Moose are known for their sometimes-aggressive behavior, especially during mating season.

But Hupton told The Associated Press this cow moose seemed pretty laid-back and said she never felt threatened by the animal.

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A hospital spokesperson confirmed the moose entered the building through doors that were frozen open because of the extreme cold in Anchorage. The AP reported the animal nibbled a few plants in the lobby and then left about 10 minutes.

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