Mother cat looks ‘surprised’ when doc says she’s expecting

Any female expecting a new arrival has probably had a similar look, no matter the mother’s species.

A stray cat named Ulla was getting a little heavier after she arrived at Greenland's Dyrenes Venner animal shelter. So shelter workers took her to a veterinarian for an ultrasound, the "Today" show reported.

The worker’s gut feeling was right. Ulla’s expecting four or five kittens.

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Workers posted photos of Ulla getting the good news last week to social media where they have gone viral.

Not only has Ulla's good news been shared all over the world, she also has a new family who will care for her until she has her babies and who will then will take care of her offspring until they are old enough to find their forever homes. Mom will stay with her newfound family, People magazine reported.

For more on the Dyrenes Venner animal shelter, visit its Facebook or Instagram pages.

Credit: Photo courtesy: Dyrens Venner animal shelter

Credit: Photo courtesy: Dyrens Venner animal shelter

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