Motorola Razr comes back into the cellphone fold

While Apple is touting the latest iPhones that will hold your entire life in your pocket, Motorola is reintroducing a classic that was at one point only a phone.

The company announced it is bringing back the Razr flip phone this week.

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The phone, which was introduced way back in 2004, was thin, had a blue back-lit metal keypad and was the best-selling phone until iPhone knocked it off the pedestal, CNN reported.

While the phone is called a Razr, it isn't just a phone anymore.

It actually is a smartphone that has a folding 6.2-inch screen when open, and 2.7-inch when closed, The New York Times reported.

The phone can show the time, take selfies and do quick respond texts when closed but most of the functions have to have the phone flipped open, CNN reported.

The Razr runs Android 9, available only on Verizon by preorder and comes at a cost of almost $1,500, CNN reported.

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