MySpace loses 12 years of music, photos, videos during server migration error

If you’re still using your MySpace account to save your memories, you may have just lost most of them.

Officials with the social media site announced this week, the company was doing a server migration and hit an error, losing about 12 years' worth of music, photos, video and audio files, CNN reported.

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The company said anything uploaded between 2003 until 2015 may not be accessible.

Officials said via the company’s website, “We apologize for the inconvenience.”

Originally, talk of the data loss started percolating on Reddit, USA Today reported.

The use of MySpace has gone down since Facebook and other social media sites took the reigns.

At its height in 2009, MySpace had about 1,600 people on staff. Now, it employs about 150, CNN reported.

The number of how many files that were actually lost has yet to be released.

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