Oklahoma deputies rescue baby bat stuck in Tulsa County Courthouse

Sheriff's deputies in an Oklahoma county had an unusual rescue mission Friday morning after a baby bat was found at the Tulsa County Courthouse.

In a Facebook post, officials with the Tulsa County Sheriff's Office recounted how deputies responded to catch the brown bat.

After taking measures to get the small bat inside a box, deputies contacted a local bat rescue group that will take care of the small animal, KOKI reported.

Officials said the female bat was an endangered species, the television station reported.

Deputies are becoming bat experts, according to KOKI. Earlier this year, deputies helped catch a bat flying throughout the building after it gave quite a few people a scare.

Deputy Justin Green laughed and said it's a bit of a bat coincidence, because some of their deputies are fans of the superhero, Batman. One deputy who helped rescue the bat Friday has a Batman tattoo, so it only seemed fitting for him to respond.

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