Pastor shot by police had recently separated from wife

The sheriff told Channel 9 the initial call appeared to be domestic-related.

Law enforcement responded and at least one deputy fired shots and struck the man, the sheriff said.

He later died. Family members said the victim is Darrell Morgan. Neighbors said he is a church pastor.


Morgan and his wife recently separated, which may have led to the confrontation. They had been married for over 30 years.

SLED told reporter Alexa Ashwell his estranged wife entered the store around 2:15 p.m. Morgan came into the store shortly thereafter.

Officials said the couple spoke and things began to escalate. Morgan pulled out a gun and the store clerk called 911.

Morgan made threatening gestures at deputies, officials said. Two deputies then fired at him. Officials have not said if Morgan fired his weapon.

His estranged wife was not injured.

SLED said both deputies are on administrative leave.

The couple has two adult sons. Morgan was on the phone with one of them during the incident.

Morgan’s sister said the son may have been on the phone when the shooting occurred.