Police search for man accused of sucker-punching a customer at Walmart

Credit: Covington Police Department

Credit: Covington Police Department

Police are searching for a person of interest in an assault at a Georgia Walmart where a man said he was sucker-punched.

The shopper said the person of interest approached him in an aisle at the Covington Walmart and asked if he was "looking for something with sugar" before striking him from behind, according to the police incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The person of interest allegedly struck the shopper a few more times before leaving the store along with another man, the report said.

Covington police released a picture of the man on their Facebook page, along with a photo of someone described as the person of interest's friend. The person of interest wore a white shirt, and the "friend" had on a red shirt.

The two were seen leaving in a blue Chrysler 300 about midnight July 13, police said.

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