Preschooler brings cash, crack cocaine to school

A young Philadelphia boy shows up to his preschool with cash and what appeared to be crack.

“The four-year-old was carrying close to $200 and eight baggies of crack cocaine. Police cleared the pre-K classroom and brought in a K-9 unit to search the school for any more drugs.” (Via WPVI)

Police didn’t find any other drugs Tuesday morning. They say teachers knew something was wrong when a classmate told them the boy was showing other kids the money.

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“They told the teacher and then the child reached into his pocket and pulled out — you know — a quantity of narcotics.” (Via KYW-TV)

Officers took the boy to a local children’s hospital as a precaution to make sure he didn’t swallow any of the drugs. He attends a Head Start preschool program. (Via Philadelphia Daily News)

WCAU reports police interviewed the boy’s mother and want to talk with a man who’s a friend of the family. (Via WCAU)

School officials also told WCAU the boy was the victim in all this and will be welcome back in the classroom immediately. Police say they’re testing the substance to verify it was crack cocaine. 

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