Radioactive uranium, rattlesnake, open bottle Kentucky whiskey found in stolen vehicle

A traffic stop in metro Oklahoma City netted unusual items that left police officers scratching their heads.

Officers pulled over a stolen vehicle with expired tags in a Guthrie neighborhood Thursday morning and discovered surprising contents in the vehicle, including a canister of radioactive powdered uranium, a timber rattlesnake in a terrarium, a gun and an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey, according to KFOR-TV.

The driver, identified as Stephen Jennings, and passenger, Rachel Rivera, were arrested at the scene.
Jennings is facing a number of charges including, possession of a stolen vehicle, operating a vehicle on a suspended license and transporting an open container of liquor, KFOR reported.

Because it’s rattlesnake season and Jennings has a valid hunting license, he’s legally allowed to posses the snake, but what about the uranium?

Police aren't sure, yet, about charged connected to the uranium discovery, Gutherie police Sgt. Anthony Gibbs told the news station.

“When that happens, of course, we call in a company that deals with that specifically and it’s taken safely into possession,” Gibbs said.

“The uranium is the wildcard in that situation,” he said.

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