School investigates threat involving "Twilight" like wolf pack

Students will notice more security at Winder Barrow High School Wednesday after threats of a school shooting and complaints about a group of teens acting like wolves.
"We've spoken to that group, the parents of that group.  We have information relative to the rumors out there and there is no validity to the information there was any threat," said Ken Greene with Barrow County Schools.
Still some parents pulled their children out of school Tuesday out of fear.
"Some parents are making their kids stay home, just kids out of fear or whatever, just staying home the rest of the week," said Sophia Mcilwain, a student who stayed home from school Tuesday.
Students call the group "The Harvest Moon Group" and say they come to school with tails and wear collars, potentially inspired by programs like "Twilight" and "Teen Wolf."
"(It's) a group of freshmen that kind of believe they were kind of re-incarnated from wolves in a past life. They walk around with collars, tails. They howl at each other," said Trey Allen, a student.
Most students say the group is harmless but panic spread Monday night on social media. Students say rumors were that the group had planned an attack on Friday. 
"The best way I can define it, it is pandemonium, it was everyone, wasn't thinking straight," Allen said.
"It blew out of proportion because a bunch of people started hating on them and making fun of them," said Isabella Tofani, another student.
School officials do not believe that there was any danger to students or staff.
"There never was a threat, that was all rumors of a threat," Greene said.
"It is their own little group that I think they are actually victimized more than anything else here," Allen said.

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