‘Shark-dressed man': Cops seek man in shark onesie who shoved McDonald's worker

Police in a Dallas suburb are looking for a man who went into a McDonald’s restaurant, while dressed in a shark onesie, and violently attacked one of the workers.

Investigators posted still images from inside the restaurant on the Southlake Police Department's Facebook page.

"Some days, the clouds just part and a brilliant lone ray of light shines down for a crime bulletin," the Sept. 30 post read. "That day … is today."

The post then used a variation of the wildly popular children’s song, “Baby Shark,” to launch into a description of what took place.

Police officials said a group of five people, including the “shark-dressed man,” went into the McDonald’s on North Kimball Avenue in Southlake.

"Of the five customers, four of them were courteous, cool and acting normal," the department's Facebook post read. "The fifth customer in the shark onesie? Not so much."

According to police, the man paced the restaurant for several minutes and as his “school of friends” sat down, the man went to the register and, saying he had lost his wallet, demanded free food.

"Since that's not the way commerce works, the staff politely declined," police officials said. "This did not sit well with the shark as he stormed outside and paced some more."

Restaurant workers locked the door so the man could not reenter as his friends ate their meal, police said. They said the man began banging on the door and demanding that one of the women he was with let him inside.

The McDonald’s manager told the group that they would all have to leave if they let their friend in, police officials said.

The four gathered their belongings and went outside, where police officials said the man continued to pace angrily. He went to another door, at which point an employee opened the door, authorities said.

The man in the shark onesie accused the workers of stealing his wallet and tried to force his way into the restaurant, the Facebook post said.

“The manager blocked his path and the shark violently shoved the young, female manager,” police officials said. “Another employee showed up to help close and lock the doors.”

The man and his friends left in a silver Chevrolet sedan.

The suspect is described as being about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, with blond hair, a beard and brown eyes.

"The shark's chums didn't do anything wrong, so we blurred their faces," the Facebook post read. "Also, what a home run of a pun there with 'chum.' Just subtle enough, but man, oh man, what a glorious sentence."

The police department's followers appeared to enjoy reading the crime bulletin as much as the author appeared to have fun writing it.

"That shark attack really made a splash in the headlines," one woman wrote.

“This is brilliant!” another woman said. “Best one in a long time. I totally sang the shark song as I read. And the chum pun … just too much.”

“This may very well be your magnum opus. I needed this today,” a man wrote.

Several followers agreed.

“You took something great and made it greater,” one man wrote, adding a thumbs-up emoji to his comment.

Anyone who can identify the man is asked to email Southlake Police Department crime analyst Diana Smith at dsmith@ci.southlake.tx.us or call her at 817-748-8915. Tipsters can remain anonymous.

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