Stolen car crashes into home after being chased by stolen deputy cruiser, police say

When a stolen Orange County patrol SUV attempted to pull over a stolen car in Cocoa early Thursday morning, police said the driver of the car drove off and crashed into a home.

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Cocoa police said the patrol vehicle was stolen out of Rockledge and used to attempt to pull over vehicles in Cocoa starting around 1:40 a.m.

That includes a black Cadillac that fled the impostor officer, crashing through the garage of a Cocoa home.

Police said the vehicle was reported stolen out of West Palm Beach.

The homeowner said his wife was asleep in the garage when the stolen car came crashing through.

A 911 caller said the car missed the woman by inches.

Soon after the crash, police said an officer noticed the Orange County patrol car trying to pull over drivers on Piske Boulevard. After that, officers said, the stolen patrol car sped away.

Police said they found the stolen patrol vehicle abandoned behind a Cocoa shopping plaza.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office said there were no weapons, credentials or laptop inside the vehicle.

Cocoa police are investigating the crash and reports of impersonating a police officer. Police said they are still searching for the suspects.

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