Stunning photo shows sled dogs traveling on water above melting Greenland sea ice

A Danish scientist captured a stunning shot of a sled dog team traveling over melting sea ice in North West Greenland to retrieve meteorological instruments before they sank into the sea.

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The sea ice melt started earlier than expected this year in April, instead of the normal time frame of June through August.

Climate scientist Zack Labe told USA Today the Arctic is experiencing above average temperatures this year and that they were 40 degrees above average last week in Greenland.

Researcher Rasmus Tonboe with the Danish Meteorological Institute said the phenomenon that makes it look like the dogs are walking on water has to do with the unusually warm weather.

“Rapid melt and sea ice with low permeability and few cracks leaves the melt water on top,” Tonboe said in a social media post.

The ice under the water was still stable at the time of the photo.

This year's sea ice melt started April 30, the second earliest melt ever since record-keeping started in 1980.

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