Teen sucked into water park pool intake pipe after dare, officials believe

Credit: annca/Pixabay.com

Credit: annca/Pixabay.com

A teen in Crystal Beach, Texas, has been hospitalized after an apparent dare at a water park turned tragic.

The teen, who has not been named, was sucked into an intake pipe at Fun Town Water Park Saturday, KTRK reported.

"From my understanding, it might have been on a dare," Galveston County Sheriff Henry Troschessett told KTRK. "He's a large, 14-year-old, my size, 5 foot, 11 inches, and he picked it [a grate] up and when he did that, he slipped into the intake."

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The teen was able to escape after an employee was able to shut off the pipe, but not before the teen suffered serious internal injuries. He is being treated at the University of Texas Medical Branch, KTRK reported.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating and is examining the grate the boy was able to lift.

"Is there a way to put a lock on it, or some kind of device that screws it down so somebody is not able to just pick it up so easily," Troschessett asked KTRK.

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