Teen with autism donates portion of lifetime supply of peanut butter to furloughed federal employees

A teen with a lifetime supply of peanut butter decided to share his bounty with furloughed federal employees.

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Eric McKay, 15, recently won a lifetime supply of Lidl peanut butter after accepting a challenge on social media from the grocery chain.

McKay has autism and a sensitivity to food and texture, his mother, Tracey McKay, told WUSA. He eats three peanut butter and jelly English muffins daily. That is why she bought him 72 jars of Lidl peanut butter when it was on sale for 78 cents last February.

By October, he had numbered each jar and was down to the last one.

The company gave him another 72 jars after McKay posted a photo on Twitter with a countertop full of the empty peanut butter jars. It also issued a challenge to the teen to get 72,000 retweets for a free lifetime supply.

In January, McKay accomplished the feat.

McKay whose father is a furloughed federal employee, donated a pallet of the peanut butter, "a five-year supply," to other unpaid federal workers, WTOP reported.

"I like peanut butter," McKay told WUSA. "I don't need that much peanut butter."

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