Terrifying video shows suspected burglar break into home with mother, baby inside

Terrifying video shows the moment a burglar reportedly broke into a Georgia house with a mother and baby inside.

The burglary happened around 4 a.m. on Dawn Drive in DeKalb County. The same neighborhood has dealt with six car break-ins in the past week and a half – but the crimes don't compare to the one the victim WSB-TV's Matt Johnson spoke with Monday said she experienced.

"Who's there? I'm calling the cops. I'm calling 911. Get off my front door," she's heard saying in the surveillance video as a stranger stands outside her home.

The man ignores her and breaks into the living room.

"Help me! Help me!" the woman is heard saying in the video.

Even the sound of the mother screaming and her 8-month-old daughter crying aren't enough to get him to leave without stealing electronics.

The woman said she grabbed her daughter and ran to a neighbor's house on Oakridge Court.

"I went out through the back with my baby, and I was just screaming for the neighbors to hear," she told Johnson Monday.

She said before she left, she saw the thief get inside her home through an app on her phone.

"I just needed to be safe with my baby. Her life matters to me. That was the only thing on my mind, like, I just needed to get her to safety," she said.

Another video appears to show the same person exiting through the front door two hours earlier without locking it.

The victim says she later learned he pried open a window two hours earlier and stole her purse while she was asleep.

"Every night, I check all the locks. I knew it was definitely locked," she said.

DeKalb County police said they're using the videos to track down the thief.

The victim says her move to Georgia just last week is off to a tough start.

"I'm just a mom trying to get by with my baby. I just need my purse back, my passport, my ID cards, everything was in my purse," she said.

Thankfully, neither the mother nor baby had any contact with the intruder.

A security company has installed new equipment at the home.

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