Texts from last night are delayed messages from Valentines Day

A system designed to make text messaging across platforms and carriers easier could be to blame for a bevy of early-morning messages sent to users that seem to be from Valentine’s Day.

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The delayed, or “ghost,” messages users received late Wednesday and early Thursday morning seemed to affect users from all major carriers using both Android and iPhones.

Carriers switched to a "cross carrier messaging system" in October, which helped establish a standard for text messaging in an effort to improve group chats and other functions, Popular Mechanics reported.

The issue was not a hack, but a glitch with that system, officials said.

"This is not a T-Mobile issue, it's a third party vendor issue that also affected other networks. We're aware of this and it is resolved," the carrier told Popular Mechanics.

U.S. Cellular blamed the issue on its telecommunications infrastructure, Popular Mechanics reported.

Sprint indicated the issue was fixed.

"The message issue was identified and resolved," the carrier told The Verge.

Verizon and AT&T did not comment.

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