‘They trashed my house’: Teen hospitalized after mob of teens ravage Florida home

15-year-old Orlando boy was rushed to the hospital Monday night after a group of teens allegedly trashed his house and attacked him.

It happened inside the Homes For Humanity complex near Ivy Lane.

The boy’s mother said her son is recovering from a fractured jaw, but will be OK. Her house, she said, is destroyed.

The destruction was captured on video. A county official was sent the video, which was posted on social media. It shows a group of teenagers busting down her door (the video can't show what they were looking for).

“They trashed my house, they flipped everything over,” she said.

She said the mob took everything out of her refrigerator and threw it on the floor, cracked and mangled her Christmas decorations, busted walls and turned over tables.

“They stole my kids' electronics. My TV is destroyed,” she said.

The mother said her 10-year-old son was hiding in a closet while her 15-year-old jumped out of a window of the 2-year-old home.

The video shows the teens chasing the 15-year-old to a neighbor’s car, where they start beating him.

“He was beat by 20, 30 kids. Maybe 40 kids jumped on him,” she said.

The mother said she was gone for just a few minutes to pick up food for her kids when the mob descended on the home.

According to a police report, her son had trouble with one of the kids.

Two 14-years-olds were arrested and charged with home invasion and battery. The video appears to show dozens of teenagers.

Detectives said they are working to identify the other individuals involved.

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