Tired of bricks? Lego will help recycle interlocking building system

It may be a "highly sophisticated interlocking brick system" for some Lego aficionados, but for many parents, the toys are a pain point.

Pain from the money spent, with the price of the toys ranging from about $4 for a mini-figure to almost $700 for the new Imperial Star Destroyer.

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Pain for the clutter, because what do you do with the models once they're built?

Pain from the time you inevitably find that lone brick buried in the carpet with your bare foot.

Now Lego is working to get the unneeded bricks out of the bins in the basement and to keep them out of landfills, landing them in the hands of kids who could use them.

The company is offering its customers in the United States to take the mix of bricks, put them in a box and ship them free of charge, The Associated Press reported.

The bricks will be cleaned and some will be given to a nonprofit called Teach for America, which will ship them off to classrooms. Other bricks will be sent to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston for after-school programs, according to the AP.

The program is still in a testing phase, but if it is successful, Lego may expand outside of the U.S.

So how can you donate those bricks?

First, you box the bricks, then log onto Lego's Replay site, print a label, put in on the box and ship that load of toys for free.

You don't even have to break down the builds. The company just asks to remove any non-Lego items, including batteries.

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