Truck on fire comes to firefighters already responding to medical emergency

Tennessee firefighters were responding to a medical emergency Friday when a truck that was on fire drove up for assistance.

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Firefighters were assisting a driver who had pulled over around 11 a.m. on the northbound side of the Chickamauga Dam because of a medical emergency, the Chattanooga Fire Department said.

After helping the man and getting him into an ambulance for further evaluation, firefighters noticed an older Ford F-150 that was on fire and pulling a trailer full of firewood approaching them.

The driver parked the flaming truck next to the ambulance. Firefighters used a handheld hoseline to douse the flames. The truck was eventually towed from the scene.

After the fire, the emergency rescuers then took the man who was having the medical emergency to a hospital.

No one was injured, and the ambulance was not damaged.

Earlier in the week, firefighters also responded to a car fire on the south side of the dam.

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