Two women charged in attack of Spanish-speaking mother, daughter



Two women from Revere were charged in an unprovoked attack against a mother and daughter speaking Spanish in East Boston.

Jenny Leigh Ennamorati is charged with two counts of assault, two counts for serious crimes of violating constitutional rights with bodily injury and one charge of assault for using her foot to cause bodily harm.

Stephanie M. Armstrong is charged with two counts of assault and two counts for serious crimes of violating constitutional rights with bodily injury.

Both the victims and each witness claim Ennamorati and Armstrong began yelling at the mother and her daughter and then attacked them physically because they were speaking in Spanish. They all say the attack was unprovoked.

The alleged attack happened on Jan. 15 in the area of Maverick Square when Mrs. Vasquez, who declined to give her full name to protect her daughter, was walking home from the train station after leaving a birthday dinner with her daughter and a friend.

The group had been speaking in Spanish as they left the train station when they were approached by two women. Vasquez says they came charging at the group from across the street, yelling: “This is America, speak English. We don’t speak Spanish here.”

"Hate and intolerance do not belong in Suffolk County. The sense of right and privilege that these defendants must have felt to say these words of hate and racism, and then physically attack a mother and her daughter for laughing and speaking Spanish, it’s outrageous and reprehensible. In Suffolk County, we respect and protect everyone, regardless of the god you adore, who you love, how you identify yourself, the language you speak, your immigration status or your physical and mental abilities. Here, we all deserve dignity and respect. Everyone deserves to feel safe, " said Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

Ennamorati and Armstrong told police they had been drinking and behaving aggressively. They are scheduled to appear in court March 9.

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