Video captures bear leaping 7 feet from man's porch onto nearby tree

A man caught a black bear cub on his front porch, but it's what the animal did after that has a video going viral online.

Jay Robertson told Castanet News he was in his Peachland, British Columbia, home watching TV when he heard a commotion outside.

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He initially thought it was a person walking outside.

"I stood up to take a look through the window and I saw this bear's head pop up at the side of the raised thing and started to climb up," he said.

Robertson recorded the bear as it crawled to the edge of the porch and leapt over to a nearby tree.

"It was surprising to see one this close on the deck, but we are sort of on their turf, so it is sort of to be expected," he told CTV News.

Robertson said he measured the distance from the deck to the tree, which he said ended being about seven feet.

"I've never seen a bear jump at all, let alone that kind of distance," he said.

Watch the bear's jump below:

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