Video captures brawl over gas station hot dog

Credit: Scott Olson

Credit: Scott Olson

A brawl erupted at an Akron, Ohio, Speedway gas station over a hot dog, and it was caught on video.

WEWS reported that, according to police, a 27-year-old woman was with her friend inside the gas station and told another woman, who was with her own friends, that she shouldn't steal a hot dog because there were cameras in the station.

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The police report says the woman and her friends punched the 27-year-old woman because of her comment, according to WEWS.

When a man intervened and tried to get the woman and her friends off of the 27-year-old, the women turned on him and attempted to fight him.

The fight spilled out into the parking lot and part of it was recorded on video and posted to Twitter April 13.

In one part of the video, a woman throws a trashcan and a squeegee at a man. In another, a woman takes a gas station nozzle that appears to be out of order and swings it at a man. Gasoline can be seen spraying from the nozzle as she swings it.

The end of the video shows a group of women run to a black Ford Focus and flee the gas station when they hear sirens.

Police told WEWS the five women involved may face charges of criminal damaging, assault, theft and disorderly conduct.

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